Importante: A BPP não faz captação de investimentos e não tem qualquer relação com as empresas Arena Bank e FRI Holding.
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BPP Travel Money

The multicurrency card for international trips

Safe, with easy management and no currency conversion for using outside of the country – perfect for your broker.

A much more valuable card for your broker


Cards that operate in 6 different currencies, with the VISA coverage.

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Travel with no complications

Practicality and safety when you purchase your international trips.

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Real time

Check the balance and make transactions  via app, in your smartphone.

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A totally safe solution for companies, users and bearers.

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Autonomy and security for your trip

Choose one of our partner brokers and acquire your BPP Travel Money for international trips with no complications.

Really multicurrency

Our cards operate in 6 different currencies: American Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, Pounds, Canadian Dollars and New Zealander Dollars – which facilitates using all the benefits of the BPP Travel Money in various countries, with no complications.

Travel with no complications

BPP Travel Money is the safer and most practical way to carry money in your international trips. Manage your employees expenses with our card, that can be used in ATMs throughout the world.

Real time transfers

Check the balance and manage transactions at anytime and anyplace through the BPP app.


BPP is a payment institution regulated by BACEN and recognized bu SPB. A model financial institution with a degree of trust equal or higher than the banks, because of the coverage demands and impossibility of leveraging money through loans. Besides that, with the partnership of VISA, the biggest card issuer in the world, BPP cards are accepted in over 30 million places throughout the globe.

Acquire your BPP Travel Money

Are you a broker? Be our partner and acquire the BPP Travel Money solution.

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