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BPP Gift

Turn good performance into motivation

The card that brings together, in a single platform, the freedom and simplicity to make possible any reward for employees.

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Digital Account

From a single balance, add and redistribute pre-approved resources to as many users as you want, make account payments, and make unlimited TEDs.

100% customizable

Card can contain your company's brand, the names of your employees and will be accepted only on specific types of establishments;


Order the cards and establish their features without difficulties, both logistical and storage. With the guarantee of one of the world's biggest card companies, VISA.

Empower and
motivate employees

BPP Gift allows you to use a simple and complete
platform as a tool to build a motivational relationship between your company and its employees, suppliers
and other strategic stakeholders.

How it works

After receiving the card with the amount you
established, the employee can use it right away,
with the guarantee of the VISA coverage. The cards
are prepaid and have a determined life span: up to
3 months starting on the validation period.

Customize the cards
with complete flexibility.

Do you want the card to have the brand of your business? Or the names of your employees? Topics related to commemorative dates? BPP Gift Card is completely customizable and can be customized with any
information you wish.

More freedom for
your employees

By opting for BPP Gift Card, you give your
employees the autonomy to choose their own
gifts through the cards. Thus, they can opt for
preferred locations for purchases, even within
pre-approved places.


BPP is a payment institution, part of the Brazilian
Payment System (SPB) and regulated by Bacen.

A financial institution model with a degree of strength
as or safer than banks, due to ballast requirements.

In addition, it is a strategic partner VISA, the largest
card-issuing flag in the world, accepted in more than
30 million establishments.

How to start

Fill out the form
or call us

After contacting us, we will send all the details to your company to open your business account and acquire the BPP Gift solution.

Order the cards for
your employees

Establish how many cards you need and distribute them to your employees according to your needs.

Manage expenses using
your account

Upload balances, pre-approve expenses, control costs and get back unused amounts, all through your digital account.

Help us better understand your needs

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BPP Gift

Make motivational actions possible
for your employees, with freedom
and simplicity.


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