Brazil You

Your Money under your control.

The safest and most intelligent way to carry and use your money and at the same time control and manage your finances.

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The card that allows you to control how much you want to spend.

Brazil You satisfies your everyday transaction needs, like purchases, bill payments, ATM withdrawals, and transfers, working like an intelligent gigital wallet.

Total Control

Brazil provides you with the systems and the intelligence allowing you to activate and manage your cards, and expense controlo on-line or via a mobile app. It will also enable you to create, for example, domestic use only cards, with limited card balances, for your family or household employees to use.

  • Multiple card management
  • Review account statements
  • Money transfers
  • Balance Check
  • Perform card loads
  • Bill payment

The solution to manage your expenses.


Safer than cash. Card protected by password validation (PIN)

Accepted internationally

Take advantage of Visa’s worldwide acceptance.


Reload your account in the amount and frequency you desire.

Cash withdrawal

ATM cash withdrawals.

No need for proof of income nor a bank account

There is no need for proof of residnce and income, nor a credit check required to get a “BPP You” card. Just your ID and minor additional details.

Visa Card

Make purchases wherever Visa is accepted, locally or internationally, at physical stores or over the internet.

Samsung Pay

Pay your bills without
having to take out your wallet.

When paying for your purchases choose your “BPP YOU”, approve the transaction with your fingerprint authentication and use your Samsung mobile phone at the Point of Sale (POS device).


BPP is a payment institution, part of the Brazilian Payment System (SPB) and regulated by Bacen.

A financial institution model with a degree of strength as or safer than banks, due to ballast requirements.

In addition, it is a strategic partner VISA, the largest card-issuing flag in the world, accepted in more than 30 million establishments.



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