Brazil Allowance

Responsible Financial Freedom

Start early and teach your children how to manage their money. Fast, secure and easy. Load your children’s cards directly from your account through BPP’s website or mobile app.

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Give your childre’s allownaces directly to their cards.

Whether it is a weekly or monthly allowance, or an emergency card load, funds transfers are done immediately. It is freedom for your children and at the same time an important tool for them to learn how to control their money. The card is PIN protected and BPP’s mobile app allows them to keep track of balances and the transactions they have made. More secure and practical than a credit card.

Total Control

Freedom and responsibilty for kids, control and simplicity of use for their parents. Download and install BPP Allowance’s app for free in your children’s mobile phones. Both of you will be able to check balances and expenses, and even block the card in case it is lost.


Transferir dinheiro Money
Bloquear cartões Block cards
Programar recorrências Set up recurring


Visualizar extrato View
Porquinho Piggy bank
Relatório detalhado Detailed
Controle mesada Controle mesada

You in control while your children learn how to be responsible with their money

Educate when giving your children their allowance

Your children learn how to save Money and control their expenses.

Expense control

Both you and your children will have access to the account statements and the transactions in real time.

Give your kids their allowances with absolute security

Their Money is protected by the required use of PIN. Also in the event the card is lost or stolen,l it can be blocked immediately.

Take advantage of the Visa brand.

BPP Allowance is accepted in thousands of merchants where the Visa brand is accepted.

Reload the cards for any amount and whenever you want.

You can schedule the money transfers to your children’s cards in the amount and the time of your choosing, with total convenience.

It is not a bank account.

BPP Allowance is not a bank account.


BPP is a payment institution, part of the Brazilian Payment System (SPB) and regulated by Bacen.

A financial institution model with a degree of strength as or safer than banks, due to ballast requirements.

In addition, it is a strategic partner VISA, the largest card-issuing flag in the world, accepted in more than 30 million establishments.



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